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What Can we do for You?
We offer a professional travel-planning service covering Chile and Argentina, including cruise ships to the Antarctic, and we can offer you a professional Antarctic cruise ship reservation service.
Secondly, for reservations on any of the Antarctic cruise ships that we offer, we will give you a free room for two people in any five-star (or nearest to), level hotel in any city in Chile or Argentina to the value of USD250. Even if the cruise company is offering a similar incentive, we will also offer a free room night, so you will end up with two free hotel nights.
We can take away the “headache” or organising your own trip and we can coordinate the Antarctic cruise into other parts of your itinerary.
We are English owned as well as managed, and therefore understand the culture of the vast majority of our clients. We are also able to communicate with you in proper, clear English, and we have a base in Santiago de Chile in order to “keep tabs” on local suppliers and be in a position to know what’s going on locally. If you are coming to this part of the world and want “someone else” other than you to do all the work in making all the ground travel arrangements then we will be pleased to act as your personal travel supplier.
Bespoke (Custom) Travel Design Chile & Argentina
Our speciality is to create a bespoke travel itinerary that is tailored to your specific desires and budget. For this service we will offer you hotels as per your preferred style choice and excursions as per the experience you want at each destination. Naturally, you can ask us for our suggestions based upon your objectives. You will have the benefit of our acquired local knowledge and have a professional travel planner working for you at all times during the itinerary-building process.
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