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What Clients Think of Our Service
The following is only a sample of the many emails of gratitude we receive from customers who have had a great holiday and who wish to express their thanks. Some emails have been shortened because they are just too long to publish, but none have been changed.

2011 Patrick Chaudey 4 People
Refund Due to Strike
Hello Charles
Yesterday we received EURO 970. Thank you.
We want you thank for your serious and your honesty.
If we come to Chile (and we will hope), we will take your agency for our trip.
We will give good informations of you on internet forum and friends.
Thank you to understand my bad english
See you later
Best regards

2011 Paul van Buuren 2 People
Hello Charles,
We are already more than a week back home again.
We had wonderful 4 weeks holiday in Patagonia. The tour that you had arranged was perfect organized. Everything was booked and arranged, even the bus tickets.
We were very lucky with the weather. All the time we had fantastic weather. This was very important for us for the trekking in Torres del Paine in the hike Laguna de los tres in El Chalten.Also the private transfer with our driver Alejandro was a perfect organized and Alejandro did a fantastic job.
Thanks Charles for the perfect organization of our tour.
Kind regards.
Uta and Paul van Buuren

2011 Akiko Takitani 10 People
Hello, Charles,
Just a quick note to let you know that the transportation service in private from TDP to El Calafate was excellent, and the driver could not have been better: a real pro, a very skillful driver! I´d like to know if you have got this kind of service from El Calafate to TDP as well...
Thank you , 
AkikoTakitani, Portugal

2011 Sylvia Veitch People
Dear Charles
We have just arrived at Indigo and have been indulging in the rooftop sauna and thinking kindly of you for arranging it.  We loved staying in the Refugios and met some interesting people but it was very good to arrive here and indulge.  The Grey glacier was stupendous and well worth the second day as we walked right up to the campamiento Paso.  The day was brilliant sunshine and I will always remember it. Thank you very much for sorting things out for us.  We are looking at Cochamo as a nice place to trek and not quite so horrendous as Barriloche and also Ville de Angestura.
We should be all right now and don´t mind waiting at the airport.
Thank you again

2011 Jean Hasser 2 People
Hi Charles,
We thoroughly enjoyed our Chilean trip that you arranged and wanted to send along a huge thank you! The upgraded room at the Hosteria Las Torres was fantastic - terrific views, and after the mirador hike (the return in the rain) we also enjoyed the room jacuzzi. Casa Molino is a beautiful spot with wonderful rooms and Rodrigo is a kind and attentive host. Our bike tour to Fruitillar was a highlight --it provided the quiet countryside views we'd only previously seen in the tour photos. On the Cruce Los Andinos we were glad we spent the evening in Peulla --there were peaceful and pretty walks along the car-less national highway there and the weather cleared the next day. Altogether a great vacation. 
Jean Hasser 

2011 Gina Vezzola 2 People
Hi Charles!
We just got home this afternoon and were very sad to see our time in South America come to an end.
I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for us! Had it not been for you, we never would have pulled everything off! You did a wonderful job organizing and booking our itinerary... especially considering most of it had to be rescheduled last minute due to the strikes in Chile. I know that it could not have been easy, especially trying to orchestrate something like this from afar!
Anyway, bravo! I will definitely recommend your services to my family and friends. Keep up the good work! Hopefully I can work with you again in the future! :)  Thank you!!
Gina Vezzola

2011 Jason Everhart 2 People
Thank you for all your help!  We had a great time on the trip.  I must have asked you a million questions over many months and you answered them all :)  I am very appreciative of all your help.  I would definitely recommend your company to other people.
Here is some feedback because I know in Argentina you are working with partner companies.
1) When we arrived in El Calafate the bus tickets were not at the hotel.  In the morning the hotel called the travel company and they said they would bring them over while we were on glacier tour.  When we got back to the hotel at 5:30 there were still no bus tickets.  Hotel called the travel agent again and they delivered them within 10 minutes.
2)  In El Chalten the hotel switched us to a bungalow because they needed the triple room for another group.  When we showed them the voucher that breakfast was included they told us the bungalow does not include breakfast and they did not care what the voucher stated.  Other then that issue the hotel staff was extremely nice and helpful.
3) The Los Troncos Refugio accommodations were a little wooden shack with 4 bunk beds.  At $60 without meals this is way overpriced.  But the location of the refugio was great.  I just mention this so you know for future clients.  I realize it was not a property you were familiar with.  The main dining hall was nice and the dinner we purchased was good.
The above are minor issues and things like this always occur during travel.  I am only mentioning them here so you have feedback about your partner companies.  Everything you set up in Chile went smoothly.
Thanks again!

2011 Gordon Thomas 2 People
Hi Charles!
We just returned back to the US from Chile. Had a fantastic time in Torres Del Paine.
The Refugios were great and the Park was breathtaking.
Thanks for your help with the bookings.

2010 Marvin Sun 2 People
I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I felt that it was more than deserved in this case.  You are truly the world's leading authority in travel for Chile and Argentina.  The itinerary that you arranged for us was absolutely perfect.  Each day was full of excitement (even the travel days).  The hotels that you booked for us were great.  The staff at the hotels were terrific and helpful - especially the Patagonia Queen in El Calafate (the night manager even walked us to the nearest local restaurant for a drink and a meal when we arrived late in the evening).  Each of the buses that you arranged for transport were great in that they dropped us off right at our hotel - the lake crossing and the bus to El Calafate.  The best driver we had was "Pato" who took us for the long ride from Punta Arenas to TDP.  He took us to a local restaurant; he dropped us off at a supermercado to stock up on supplies; and agreed to take us to see penguins.  He was all things - entertaining, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor.
Chile and Argentina are great places to vacation, and we cannot wait to go again - perhaps longer the next time.  I will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues in the States, and will certainly work with you for our next trip to the region.  All the best.

2010 Sharron Carr 2 People
We had a GREAT time! It was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for helping to make our trip such a wonderful experience. We were so glad we cancelled our rental car and let Explora take care of everything. I cannot praise the staff and facitly at Explora too much. From the food to the people to the total experience... it was breathtaking.
I really do appreciate everything you did to arrange our trip at the last minute. We would definately like to return to Chile agian and will definately give you a call when it is time. We are also recommending this to our firiends who also would enjoy the trip as much as we did. I will give our friends your contact information if that is ok.

2010 Neil Irons 3 People
I think it is we who have to thank you for organising the trip of a lifetime.
Chile is a country of incredible surprises and beauty;you helped us find the best of it.
It was a great pleasure to meet both you and Lorena.You make a charming couple.
After this experience,I will be back in Chile.I look forward to meeting you again.

2010 Lyn Anderson 6 People
Dickson did not inform us.  However, we had extra freeze dry, so were fine on food.  Thanks again for the organization.  Everything was fantastic.  I have planned many trips for my wife and I, but this would have been impossible without your help.  It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  I have just completed a DVD of our pictures.  
Let me know if I can do a referral for your services.  Lyn

2010 Nir Orion 2 People
Dear Charles,
We finished our trek and we are now in Pucon.
I would like to thank you for the organization of the accommodation along our trip. Everything was excellent.
We forgot to take our lunch packs from the Cuernos refuge. So, next time you are there, please eat them for us.
Thanks again,Nir

2010 Rachel McGuire 1 Person (Photography Tour)
The trip was great. Casa Molino is a little far from town but is absolutely beautiful-I would certainly recommend it to anyone.  It was the perfect place to relax after TDP.  The staff at the TDP cabins was very helpful and Somerscales in Valpo was lovely.  The Weskar in Puerto Natalas was a very nice place as well.  I was very happy with the whole experience. Thank you for putting together such an amazing trip.  Chile is a truly beautiful and special place.

2010 Rene Koop 2 People
Good morning Charles,
Good to hear that the payment has been arranged at last. We had a great trip, with only one day of bad weather. Thanks for the assistance on the problems at Paine Grande. We had to wait for two hours, but eventually, they offered us another bed. So, that problem was solved well.
Best regards,

2010 Angel Rios 2 People
I just returned from Chile/Argentina.We had a fantastic trip.All went smooth and we did not encounter any problem with all the reservations you made for us. Thank you. I will recommend Torres del Paine and your company.
I would as well be interested in others trips that you may know following the same  scheme as Torres del Paine (sleeping in refugios and hiking).Do you deal with something like that (in Chile or somewhere else?)
Thank you
Angel Rios

2009 Alice Westra 2 People
Hi Charles,
We returned in Holland after our holiday in Argentina.
Thanks for al the arrangements and information; thanks to you we have enjoyed every moment of our holiday!
With kind regards
Alice Westera

2009 John Richardson 2 People
Dear Charles
A note to say that we had a great time in Chile and all your arrangements worked well.  You chose excellent hotels at reasonable prices and the private transfers were all prompt and friendly. 
Just a couple of comments that might interest you:
We used pesos for most items as getting money out of an ATM is much cheaper for us than using a credit card, but the Park Lake hotel refused to accept cash for our modest extras saying it was `against the law' for them to do so.  No problem except that it cost a bit more for us.
There was an assumption everywhere that we were American rather than British, presumably because there are so few tourists from the UK - we met just two on our travels.  We appreciate that it's a long way from Europe and there are no direct flights from UK, also that people in hotels and restaurants do not have great English, but it's a country with everything that would appeal to British travellers and more ought to be encouraged to go.  All power to you as you do this - we'll do our bit as well (and tell people to brush up on their Spanish!)
Thanks again, and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
Helen and John Richardson

2009 Claudia McGinnis 2 People
Hi Charles
we just came back from Patagonia on Tuesday, after a long overnight flight from Santiago. 
We had a wonderful time, everything went well and we even had good weather. We were able to follow our itinerary without any major glitches, and even the bus tickets came through eventually. In El Calafate, we had to collect the bus tickets ourselves from the two tour operators and also the bus station, but we got there at the end. In Puerto Natales, the envelope with the bus tickets to P. Arenas were waiting for us at the hostel. It was definitely a convenience having these bus tickets pre-reserved.
So thanks again for helping us organizing our trip to Patagonia, and we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010,
With best regards

2009 Sam Molina 1 Person
Sorry it has taken so long to reply.  The refund of $70 appeared on my credit statement, thanks.  Just a bit of feedback on the specific itinerary for my trip.  A day could have been saved by skipping the night at Refugio Las Torres Central.  My first night was at Refugio Chileno and then I basically backtracked to Las Torres and spent a day in an area I had already been in before heading to Ref. Cuernos the next day.  Other than that the itinerary worked beautifully.  Thank you for your help on my trip.
Sam Molina

2009 Roman Puerta 4 People
Buenas tardes:
Hace unos días regresamos de nuestro viaje y el presente correo es para darles las gracias porque todo ha salido bien.
Todas las reservas estaban al día y todos los servicios han sido perfectamente disfrutados. Sólo el transporte desde la llegada al puerto de Puerto Natales hasta el hotel Weskar no estaba en su momento por lo que tuvimos que utilizar los amables servicios de uno de los tripulantes del barco que nos dejó en el hotel sin ningún coste adicional.
Este mensaje es para darle las gracias por los servivios prestados e indicarle que les recomendaremos su página a cualquier amigo que vaya por esas tierras.
Un saludo.
Román Puerta
Madrid España

2009 Taya Berkhout 2 People
Hi Charles,
We're now home. Our trip was splendid and all went according to plan thanks to our organization. We also enjoyed BA for a couple of days but wish we had included Ushuaia in our agenda - next time! Thank you for pulling everything together in such short order. Have now been there, I appreciate how difficult this must be in those remote locations. I think we enjoyed hiking to Francis valley, then the hike to the glacier followed by the boat trip the best.
All the best to you and continued success with your business.
Kindest regards,
Taya Berkhout

2009 Julie 2 People
Hi Charles,
Thank you for your attention in this matter, and for the prompt refund. 
I appreciate all you help with our travel plans...everything was taken care of, and we were very happy with your services.
Thanks again,

2009 Marcia L Group of 6
Charles, take your time!! I was willing to pay you right away because the dollar in Brazil had a very good rate last week.
I also would like you to know that I have strongly recommended your services in the intranet of the Judiciary System, as I am a prosecutor here in Brasilia. Some friends, prosecutors, judges and lawyers, who learned we were going to Patagonia, wanted to know details about the travel agency, as some of them are willing to visit Easter Island and Puccon. As I have told them, I travel every year to foreing countries and you were far the best travel agent I have ever dealed with.
Thanks again,

2009 Lucy Jones Group of 8
Hi Charles,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for organising such a great holiday for us.  We had a brilliant time & were impressed with how smoothly everything went thanks to all of your bookings.
And we have loads of brill photos so we will remember the trip for years to come!
Very many thanks
Lucy & gang 

2009 Fran Chessler 2 People
Dear Charles and Claudia,
I've been busy for the month since our return from Chile and Antarctica, but I wanted to be sure to thank you for the arrangements you made for us. The trip was wonderful, and we were delighted with your selections. 
We'll certainly recommend you to our friends.
Thanks again,
Fran Chessler

2009 Emerson Andrade 2 People
Hola Charles.
Estoy a enviar este email para agradecer a usted pelo profissionalismo que usted nos prestou.
Non tivemos problemas en las Hosterias Serrano e Las Torres.
Mas alquilar um auto é fundamental para conecer todo el Parque, se ud ficar com transfer, gasto mucho tiempo e $,y el custo com auto compensa mucho.
Pontos positivos dela H. Rio Serrano: landscape mui linda, +- cerca del Grey area, donde fomos ao Mont Ferrier e Mirador del Glaciar Grey, las habitaciones superiores são mui buenas, com landscape linda, atendimiento e limpeza mui buena; Los pontos negativos são la cena mui pobre, pouco alimento, mucho pouca opiciones e mui caro.
Pontos Positivos dela H.Las Torres: desayuno e principalmiente cena mui rica, atendimiento en el restaurant perfecto, el matre e los moços ok ok, (embora el preço alto tambien) Localizacion unica para base de las torres, mi auto teve problema com la bateria e tenemos ayuda mui clara,ok.
Las Sinalizaciones en el parque estan ok.
El recorrido desde El Calafate haste TDP fui tranquilo, cruzamos Cancha Carrera > Cerro Castillo, donde há Nafta pra auto, mas caro que argentina, mas mesmo preço que brasil. No Bueno é passar pela burocracia dela Aduana e policia fronteiriza, mas...
Bueno, gracias por tudo e pergunto a ud : quando retornarmos ao chile o argentina, las reservas delos hoteles puedem ser atraves de ud tambiem?
Obrigado por tudo,
Emerson Andrade, Juiz de Fora-Minas Gerais-Brasil.


2009 Rachel Stevens 2 People
Hi Charles, 
I want you to know that we had a phenomenal trip. It truly was incredible, and thanks to all of your help, everything went very smoothly. Everything you arranged really worked out very well. I just want to give you a trip report: the car rental went extremely smoothly, your directions to Hotel Marchihue were perfect (we didn't even have a map, but we followed your few and simple directions and they got us right there!). We honestly weren't crazy about Hotel Marchihue (it was a bit slow for our tastes), but we did enjoy eating from the fruit trees, going horse back-riding, and seeing the Milky Way. 
The private tour to see the penguins at Otway was fabulous. He picked us up and drove us there and to Puerto Natales, and we loved seeing the penguins. And we LOVED Hotel Antiplanico! What a great hotel with a fabulous view. We didn't want to leave it! Fabulous recommendation! Our flights on Sky Airlines went well, too. 
Patagonia/Torres was magnificent. It feels like it was a dream. Every view was spectacular. We had a phenomenal time. 
Thank you for all of your help. It was a pleasure to work with you. I especially appreciated how quickly you always responded to my emails and questions. 

 2009 Amelie Lerch 2 People
Hello Charles,
we would like to thank you for organizing a part of our wonderful trip through patagonia. we loved it very much. attached you will find a picture from us on the icehike.
in case you have the adress of carlos, who was our guide, it would be nice if you could send it to us.
thanks for everything.
best regards
Amelie Lerch

2009 Kathryn Farthing 2 People
Hi Charles,
Thanks for letting me know. Yes, we added an extra night at Hosteria Las Torres because I sprained my ankle on the trek and didn´t think I should be walking all the way to Chileno. I apologize for not going through you for the change of plans. We didn´t have any way of contacting while you in the Pätagonia.
We´re in the airport now, waiting for our return flight. We absolutely loved our trip and all of your recommendations! You did a fantastic job of coordinating all of our travel. We really appreciate your help- It wouldn´t have been the same without you.
Again, thank you and we´ll be sure to recommend your company to our friends that travel to Chile in the future.

2009 Simon Deall 2 People
Hi charles,
I am in el calafate and I just wanted to say a big thanks for organising our trek. everything worked out perfectly and TdP was the highlight of the
5 week trip to south america. A spectacular part of the world.
Many thanks for everything,
Simon Deall

2009 Prabh Gill 8 People
Hi Charles,
Just a quick email to say thanks so much for all of your assistance with planning our trip to Chile.  
We had a wonderful time and really appreciated your help when we were stuck in Santiago airport.
Best wishes
Prabh Gill

2009 Erik Olson 2 People
Hi Charles,
Thank YOU so much for rescuing our trip after the Hertz debacle. I really appreciate you arranging all the private transfers. We had a great time hiking and are just very happy we managed to get there and back.
We did leave a GPS and Erik would be forever greatful if it could be mailed to us. We will certainly pay postage.
Erik Olson

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