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Indeed Why Use Us?

To day the internet is enabling hotels and other travel-related services to put their products and services online and sell direct to the customer. There are also an ever-increasing number of individuals who think they can offer a travel-booking service just by setting up an off-the-shelf web site
The simple answer is:
Use us if you want a professional service from a company with specialist local knowledge and that is owned and managed by a British national.
I mention the bit about a British national because I am in a good position to understand what my clients expect and require, whereas a good number of the alternative operators do not.

Use us if you do not wish to invest considerable time in building your own travel itinerary and think of us as your personal travel designer, as you would by having your own interior designer, or own gardener.

Use us if you want to deal with the only specialist itinerary-panning service for Chile and Argentina with over 19yrs local knowledge.

Use us if you have a budget and want that budget used in the most sensible way possible.

Use us if you would like to do deal with just one supplier, pay one supplier, and have us make all the reservations you need.

Use us if you want to deal with someone in proper English.

Use us if you would like to have the security that there is an office in Santiago on hand if you need help when out in Chile and / or Argentina.

Use us if you want a serious, personal and friendly service.

Do NOT use us if all you want is the cheapest deal.

Do NOT use us if you also intend to research the same information that you have appointed us to do on your behalf.
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All you need to do is: